Diversification is what defines the best investment strategy for long-term benefits. A real diversified multi-asset portfolio includes almost all major and important types of investment options such as equities, bonds, cash, real estate, and commodities. The logic is simple. Market conditions never remain the same. During the periods of excessive volatility, the poor performance of one type of investment will be recovered by the asset class which is performing exceptionally.

Sophisticated investors follow an organized approach to allocating their resources among the most profit-centered assets. As stated above, diversification helps in the long run and during the times when the stock market is responding poorly. Hence, it’s essential you must be fully aware of the upcoming market fluctuations and changing economic conditions for different types of asset classes before investing in them.

This is where your multi-asset advisor from Focusequity will help you. Our approach towards multi-asset investing is anchored in our clients’ unique attitude towards risks and financial goals. For those looking for preventing losses and anticipating long-term steady returns, we use strategic asset allocation. On the other hand, tactical asset allocation is used for more sophisticated clients wishing medium-to-short term returns to add value to their investment.

  • Rigorous research and prudent risk management to avoid any loss
  • Sophisticated asset allocation to drive maximum profit in the long as well as short term
  • Building a structured return and risk framework tailored to each client
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions through innovative minds