Portfolio management is an art. The art of balancing between maximum returns and minimum risks by employing an investment policy that meets your financial goals in the short, medium, and long runs.! An investor needs uncompromised guidance and completely tailored management to have a portfolio designed that provides complete satisfaction. At Focusequity, we are resolute to getting you the best results. Our portfolio managers use their expertise and experience by choosing the right tools from the full spectrum of shares, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash, metals, and others by analyzing the risk tolerance and financial objectives of organizations and individuals.

Depending on your unique preferences; we offer three different levels of portfolio designing and management. Low-Risk Portfolio is designed if your ultimate goal is more capital preservation in the long run than profit generation by investing less in equities. Medium Risk Portfolio gives higher exposure to shares and stocks but the focus is still on other long-term options such as bonds and money market funds. High-Risk Portfolio is, on the other hand, beneficial for those who have high-risk tolerance against market volatility to achieve better returns in a short time.

  • Planned portfolio after a deep research of client goals and market scenarios
  • Both active and passive portfolio management based on your best interests
  • Asset allocation made on a large and global scale for better returns
  • Transparent policies and thorough guidance on each level